Yards, Feet & Inches To Metres Full Length Conversion Chart (0yd-2yd)

Full conversion tables for yards, feet and inches to metres (yd ft in to m) conversion. Tables are in 1 inch increments and length in metres are given to 3 decimal places (i.e. millimetres).

Quick Converter 0 - 2 yards 2 - 4 yards 4 - 6 yards

yd, ft & ininm
0yd 0ft 1in10.025
0yd 0ft 2in20.051
0yd 0ft 3in30.076
0yd 0ft 4in40.102
0yd 0ft 5in50.127
0yd 0ft 6in60.152
0yd 0ft 7in70.178
0yd 0ft 8in80.203
0yd 0ft 9in90.229
0yd 0ft 10in100.254
0yd 0ft 11in110.279
0yd 1ft 0in120.305
yd, ft & ininm
0yd 1ft 1in130.330
0yd 1ft 2in140.356
0yd 1ft 3in150.381
0yd 1ft 4in160.406
0yd 1ft 5in170.432
0yd 1ft 6in180.457
0yd 1ft 7in190.483
0yd 1ft 8in200.508
0yd 1ft 9in210.533
0yd 1ft 10in220.559
0yd 1ft 11in230.584
0yd 2ft 0in240.610
yd, ft & ininm
0yd 2ft 1in250.635
0yd 2ft 2in260.660
0yd 2ft 3in270.686
0yd 2ft 4in280.711
0yd 2ft 5in290.737
0yd 2ft 6in300.762
0yd 2ft 7in310.787
0yd 2ft 8in320.813
0yd 2ft 9in330.838
0yd 2ft 10in340.864
0yd 2ft 11in350.889
1yd 0ft 0in360.914
yd, ft & ininm
1yd 0ft 1in370.940
1yd 0ft 2in380.965
1yd 0ft 3in390.991
1yd 0ft 4in401.016
1yd 0ft 5in411.041
1yd 0ft 6in421.067
1yd 0ft 7in431.092
1yd 0ft 8in441.118
1yd 0ft 9in451.143
1yd 0ft 10in461.168
1yd 0ft 11in471.194
1yd 1ft 0in481.219
yd, ft & ininm
1yd 1ft 1in491.245
1yd 1ft 2in501.270
1yd 1ft 3in511.295
1yd 1ft 4in521.321
1yd 1ft 5in531.346
1yd 1ft 6in541.372
1yd 1ft 7in551.397
1yd 1ft 8in561.422
1yd 1ft 9in571.448
1yd 1ft 10in581.473
1yd 1ft 11in591.499
1yd 2ft 0in601.524
yd, ft & ininm
1yd 2ft 1in611.549
1yd 2ft 2in621.575
1yd 2ft 3in631.600
1yd 2ft 4in641.626
1yd 2ft 5in651.651
1yd 2ft 6in661.676
1yd 2ft 7in671.702
1yd 2ft 8in681.727
1yd 2ft 9in691.753
1yd 2ft 10in701.778
1yd 2ft 11in711.803
2yd 0ft 0in721.829